Low Glycemic Diet Plan

Low Glycemic Diet Plan

The Low Glycemic diet plan, also known as Low GI diet is a new approach to dieting. This diet consists of low-GI carbohydrates. These are the carbs that are slowly digested and absorbed by your body. They produce small and gentle fluctuations in your insulin and blood-glucose levels. By lowering insulin levels, you can produce long-term healthy as well as being a key factor in losing weight.

Health Benefits From A Low Glycemic Diet Plan

  • Reduces the body’s chance of gaining weight
  • Minimizes hunger pains
  • Decreases body fat but not water weight or muscle mass
  • Reduces weight faster than just a low-fat diet
  • Reduces daylong insulin levels
  • Reduces risk of a heart attack or diabetes
  • Benefits mental function
  • Gives you more energy to exercise
  • Really low in trans fats and saturated fats
  • Helps improve overall health and vitality

What You Can Eat On The Low Glycemic Diet
low glycemic diet plan

Some of the foods you can eat on this diet include poultry, shellfish, fish and some low-fat dairy such as yogurt and cheese. You can eat three balanced meals a day, including some type of desert after dinner or you should snack at least twice a day. You can even drink one of your favorite adult beverages with your meal too.

You should expect to lose about one-half pound of body fat a week. This is pure body fat not a drop in muscle mass or water weight. You will lose most of the weight from around your waist.

This is not a low-fat, low-carb or high-protein diet. This is a realistic and delicious diet that incorporates many aspects of ethnic cuisines. There will also be no calorie counting or putting food on a scale before you eat it. One of the best reasons this diet is easy to follow is that you will feel more full for a longer period of time unlike those other diets where your tummy is growling at the site or smell of any type of food.

This diet assists in controlling your appetite by controlling your blood glucose levels and by energizing your production of the body’s own built-in appetite suppressant.

Recognized By Scientists

Scientists that study in nutrition, fitness and dietetics wrote the low glycemic diet plan. The low GI diet is at the forefront of research on weight loss, carbohydrates and glycemic index. This diet also gets the approval by 9 out of 10 medical and nutrition journals. Even skeptics of this diet admit this diet offers a balanced and safe way of eating that doesn’t put anyone that follows this diet at long or short-term risk. Sounds pretty good right?

Diet Dilemma

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people who try a diet and lose weight will regain the lost weight in just a matter of months. Most diets are just for temporary weight loss and are not lifestyle diets. The low glycemic diet plan is all about changing how you eat for good.

A study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that 40% of adult men are overweight and 35% of men are obese. They also estimate that 30% of women are overweight and 37% are obese and those numbers will continue to climb each year. If fact,over 30% of our pets are now overweight and many have diabetes as the result unfortunately. Obesity among people and their pets is becoming an epidemic.

Being overweight puts you at a much greater risk of many health risks such as heart disease and diabetes. It can also can interfere with sleep since the fat around your neck induces a dangerous type of snoring called sleep apnea.

Menu Plan


  • Breakfast. Whole-grain toast with some peanut butter and a glass of vegetable juice.
  • Snack. Fruit cup
  • Lunch. Sourdough rye with turkey, tomato with slice of onion.
  • Snack. Whole-grain crackers with a medium-sized apple.
  • Dinner. Baked tilapia with parsley. Serve with a side of carrots or red potatoes and some low-fat yogurt.


  • Breakfast. Whole-grain toast with reduced fat cheese.
  • Snack. A pear
  • Lunch. Salad with lettuce, walnuts tuna and mayo.
  • Snack. Fresh fruit of your choice.
  • Dinner. Barbecued steak with roasted vegetables and a green lettuce salad


  • Breakfast. Low-fat yogurt with some sliced strawberries
  • Snack. Fruit salad
  • Lunch. Garden salad with chicken breast
  • Snack. An apple
  • Dinner. Shrimp and mango salad with low-fat dressing and a scoop of low-fat ice cream.


  • Breakfast. Hard boiled egg, tomato and lean bacon. A glass of orange juice
  • Snack. Oatmeal cookies
  • Lunch. Ramen noodle pork oriental soup
  • Snack. Handful of almonds
  • Dinner. Minestrone soup with low-fat yogurt and a banana.


  • Breakfast. Sautêed mushrooms with shallots and a hard-boiled egg
  • Snack. A fruit smoothie
  • Lunch. Thai beef salad with mixed greens and lime juice.
  • Snack. Low-fat ice cream
  • Dinner. Lean cut of steak with mushrooms and green beans


  • Breakfast. Oatmeal with frozen fruit and some low-fat yogurt
  • Snack. 1 ginger nut cookie
  • Lunch. Tacos with sliced tomatoes, avocado and shredded lettuce
  • Snack. Fruit salad
  • Dinner. Spinach and ricotta cannelloni with tomato sauce with a side salad


  • Breakfast. Low-GI cereal topped with sliced apples and low-fat milk
  • Snack. An almond cookie
  • Lunch. Tuna, lettuce, tomata and cheese on a whole-grain bun
  • Snack. An Orange
  • Dinner. Tandoori chicken with lentil dal and some mango chutney