What do heart attacks & hurricanes have in common?

If you have been keeping up with the news lately then you know it’s hurricane season.

Hurricane Harvey just hit Texas about a week ago and now another monster is working its way west towards Florida.

With all of the technology we have these days, we have the ability to know almost a week beforehand when a hurricane is about to hit.

The weather channel now is running 24 hours a day and they practically give minute to minute updates on massive storms coming near any landmass.

So what do hurricanes and heat attacks have in common?

Well, they actually have a few things in common.

Both are devastating and very commonly result in the loss of life.

Both are also life changing events.

If you have ever talked to anybody that has lived thru a heart attack or hurricane, they will tell you it probably changed their life in some way.

It probably made them want to never experience either one of them ever again and they would do whatever it took to prepare better in the future.

With somebody that has experienced a heart attack, they most likely will start eating better and possibly exercising more after they recover.

For somebody that has experienced a catastrophic storm like a hurricane, they’ll most likely be better prepared for whatever natural disaster could come next.

My point is you need to prepare for the unexpected in life and there is nothing more important than your health, safety, and quality of life.

Now I know some health problems such as heart attacks have no rhyme or reason for happening sometimes but most can be prevented with a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

Don’t wait for the warning signs to show up for something catastrophic, begin preparing now.

The first step is changing your diet so that you eat the right foods for the best quality of life.

If you need a little blueprint on what you should be eating then I recommend checking out…

=> http://www.reallygreatdiets.com/2weekdiet

This diet isn’t for everybody keep in mind.

If you can’t stick to something for at least 2 weeks to start off with then this probably isn’t for you.

However, if you think you can commit to something for at very least 14 days without cheating then this may be just the ticket.

To a healthier and happier you,

– Kim

P.S. Remember, the most important thing you will ever have in life is your health.
Without it then what else is there?