6 Surprising Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss

6 Surprising Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss Success


If your daily meals are lacking in enough nutrients, then add any of these six smoothie ingredients for weight loss results and nutritional benefits.

Smoothie Ingredients For Weight Loss:

1. Broccoli: This fiber-rich vegetable helps keep you feeling full without changing the taste of any of your favorite smoothies. You can use raw broccoli or steam for a few minutes first for a smoother consistency.

2. Coconut water: Not a fan of bananas? Adding some coconut water to your early morning smoothie helps you get the electrolytes you need to feel energized and less bloated. smoothie ingredients for weight loss

3. Leafy greens: If you hate the taste of spinach or kale, try adding a cup or two to your morning smoothie is the way to reap their many health benefits. Once blended with the rest of your smoothie, the taste is incredible, but you’re still getting a lofty portion of crucial nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, manganese, and vitamin K. Choose your favorite leafy green for your next smoothie with our comparison of the nutrients in spinach and kale.

4. Flaxseed: For a smoothie that’s got heft, add some flaxseeds to the mix. Very high in omega-3s and fiber, flax assists in promoting bone health, keeps your digestive system healthy and lowers your cholesterol. The healthy fats in flaxseeds also help relieve inflammation.

5. Chia seeds: Want to start the day right? Try adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to your smoothie. The high-fiber seeds are also a great source of anti-inflammatory omega-3s, so you’ll feel more full and ready to take on any day.

smoothie ingredients for weight loss

6. Green tea: Want a little energy kick in your smoothie? Add some strong, cold green tea to any smoothie instead of water for a subtle caffeinated pick-me-up that works just like a cup of coffee.

If you would like some free smoothie recipes, keep an eye out for a new post next week with some delicious smoothie ideas.